• DESMOPOL is a liquid material based on a pure polyurethane elastomer that produces a continuous, flexible and completely waterproof membrane, the properties of which make for an excellent application on all kinds of surfaces, for new work or rehabilitation.
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DESMOPOL is a waterproof membrane, long lasting, resistant to UV and atmospheric agents. Also DESMOPOL is a completely adherent continuous membrane, a polyurethane based liquid compatible with most transit protections, being useable for decorative roofing or with requests of a more intensive use like landscaped roofing, deposits, civil work, all sorts of humid zones.



Easy application.
Rapid curing even in winter.
Excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces.
Chemical resistant
High resistance to extreme temperatures (between-40 ºC and + 80 ºC ).
High resistance to abrasion and tension.
High elasticity.
The membrane is completely waterproof.
Allows vapor diffusion.


Waterproofing roofing (flat, sloping) and patios (passable and not passable).
Waterproofing of balconies and porches.
Waterproofing of humid zones, under tile, as in baths.
Waterproofing swimming pools, kitchens, etc.
Waterproofing flowerbeds.
Waterproofing of industrial roofing.
Waterproofing canals.
Waterproofing water tanks.
Waterproofing fountains.
Waterproofing bridges, tunnels, etc.
Waterproofing of metallic surfaces
Protection of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation.


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