Cavity Wall

  • Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce heat loss through a cavity wall by filling the air space with material that inhibits heat transfer. This immobilises the air within the cavity (air is still the actual insulator), preventing convection, and can substantially reduce space heating costs.


• Insulates cavity walls to Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes.
• Reduces heating bills by up to 30%.
• Completely resistant to driving rain.
• Specially designed for severe weather areas.
• Saves CO² (typically almost 1 tonne CO² per year per house).


• Seals out draughts.
• No disruption to residents.
• Installed by BBA approved contractors.
• Satisfies best practice criteria.
• The best insulation, thickness for thickness.


• Combats wall tie failure.
• Overcomes structural problems.
• Makes the property 3 times stronger in the face of gale force winds.
• 154KNm-2 adhesion to Brickwork
• 163 KNm-2 adhesion to Blockwork
• Does not shrink or settle in the cavity wall.
• Specially developed structural polyurethane foam.
• Inert, non-hazardous once installed.




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